Surface Temperature Measurement

Tube Skin Thermocouples

For Heater, Furnace And Boiler Applications

Daily Thermetrics’ Surface Temperature Measurement division is a dedicated group of design, production and field service representatives with a specific expertise for thermocouples specially designed for heaters, furnaces and boilers.

Daily Thermetrics manufactures highly specialized and off the shelf tube skin thermocouples (TSTC) depending on the clients' needs and the application’s duty.

Daily Thermetrics' Surface Temperature Measurement division is a mobile group of representatives that are readily available to meet on-site to review drawings, enter and inspect the heater firebox at the physical unit, and offer recommendations based on best practices which are derived from years of experience inside and outside of the heater.

Unfortunately, all refiners at some point realize that their heaters, furnaces and boilers are not producing at their maximum potential. Often times this is in part due to obsolete, old or neglected thermocouple specifications, installation policies, routing designs, or all of the aforementioned. Surface Temperature Measurement is prepared to assist in revisiting needed upgrades to these issues with your heater, furnace or boiler, anywhere in the world.


Vessel Skin Sensors


Many refiners today want to monitor their reactor vessel wall temperatures in order to protect their investment. A variety of obstacles are encountered in this vital application, such as difficult installation/replacement and welding to wall restrictions.

Traditionally, refiners monitored the reactor temperature with a basic weld pad thermocouple or a washer thermocouple. The weld pad cannot be replaced once it fails because welding to the reactor wall is not allowed, and the washer thermocouple is difficult to replace because it is buried under the insulation. In both cases, neither can be installed in a retrofit application.


Daily Thermetrics, the company that developed the patented CatTracker® for reactor profiling, has developed two designs to tackle this critical application:

  1. For new reactors, when welding is permitted, the unique weld pad of the VSS™ Weld-On is welded directly to the reactor wall. A threaded barstock thermowell insert is then attached to the weld pad and will vary depending on the insulation thickness. The sensor probe is then screwed into this thermowell insert, thus allowing for easy sensor replacement in the future without additional welding and with superior reliability and measurement accuracy.
  2. For existing reactors, Daily Thermetrics offers the VSS™ Magnetic. The vessel insulation is pulled away, and this VSS™ Magnetic assembly is then simply placed into position without welding to the vessel. If desired, insulation can be placed back over the VSS™ Magnetic assembly or a new metallic insulation patch can be fabricated to accommodate future changeout of the sensor component of this design.



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