Service units

Depending on the application, a service unit consists of a pressure regulator, various filters, a branching module and pressurisation and exhaust valves. At Festo, different combinations are available from stock. In addition, service units can be configured individually in the MS modular system.

Filter regulators/lubricators

A unit consisting of a filter regulator and lubricator is used when the compressed air needs to be cleaned and oiled. The filter regulator removes the condensate and coarse dirt from the compressor. The lubricator supplies a precisely dosed amount of pneumatic lubricating oil.

Filter regulators

Festo offers a space-saving design with filter and regulator integrated in a single unit.


Filters for purifying the compressed air for various quality classes include standard filter, fine filter, microfilter and activated carbon filter.


Pressure regulators for air preparation include:
- Standard regulators with different pressure regulation ranges
- Precision pressure regulating valves
- Electrically actuated pressure regulators
- Regulator manifolds


These lubricators are used for lubricating the compressed air for pneumatic components. Standard Festo components don't require lubrication.

On/off valves and soft-start valves

Festo offers on/off valves for switching on and exhausting compressed air systems. They also offer soft-start valves for gradual pressure build-up at startup for compressed air systems.

Air dryers

This is an adsorption dryer with a specific flow rate dependent pressure dew point and membrane air dryer with a higher flow-rate-dependent pressure dew point.

Air distributors

Festo air distributors serve as branching modules and distributor blocks for multiple compressed air connections. Their air distributors include MS series and individual devices.

Condensate drain

Condensate drain is attached to service units and compressed air networks and systems. It is used to drain the collected condensate automatically.

Pressure boosters

These are components for pressure boosting in one section of a system.

Pressure indicators

Pressure indicators for compressed air include a pressure gauge kit for pressure booster DPA, a flanged pressure gauge to DIN EN 837-1 for front panel or in-line installation with display range up to 16 bar or 230 psi and many more.


Compressed air preparation classics include service unit FRC, filter regulator LFR, activated carbon filter, etc.

Accessories for air preparation

Accessories for air preparation include assembly components, sub-bases, safety components, pressure indicators and device-specific accessories.