Pneumatic and electro-pneumatic controllers

Logic sequences of pneumatic functions can be implemented with pneumatic and electro-pneumatic control units. Bistable valves are used as command memory modules for the pulse stages.

Electronic controllers

The electronic controllers from Festo are modern, compact and versatile PLCs that enable programming with CODESYS according to IEC 61131-3. Different control systems are used in automation technology, depending on the application and the industry. Festo supplies both compact and modular electronic control systems. The compact controllers have all interfaces and functions (e.g. digital, analogue signals) in one housing and are designed for small to medium control tasks. The modular controllers can be expanded very flexibly and are therefore designed for the medium and upper power range.

Electrical peripherals

Electrical peripherals comprise of automation system CPX-AP-I, terminals, field bus modules, input module for installation and more.

Control panels

The human-machine interface (HMI), which is part of the control technology, enables the operator to operate the machine, monitor the system status and intervene in the process. The information is provided visually on the operating panel.


Festo sells innovative apps, cloud products and other software libraries. Their software allow you as a customer to purchase directly online.

Training systems

Festo offers state-of-the-art edutrainer systems that give industry professionals and higher learning institutions a competitive edge.


Accessories include electric, mechanical accessories, and assembly components.


Comprises of product operating instructions and manuals.