Ball valves

Ball valves enable media to be controlled and switched. A ball is rotated to seal and control the flow. The sealing system consists of the ball and one or more seat rings. Ball valves vary in terms of the type of material used, the sealing principle and connection standards. As a result, it can be used in applications ranging from simple industrial automation applications up to demanding applications in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry.

Angle Seat Valves

An angle seat valve is an externally controlled valve that is installed in pipes to shut off the flow of liquids and gases. Thanks to their appropriate design, they can create a consistent flow pattern across the flow cross-section and are therefore also suitable as control valves. Shut-off valves have a valve disc or valve poppet with plastic sealing washers, a valve stem and a sealing package for sealing them.

Pinch Valves

With Festo pinch valves, you can control media flows such as granulate, fluids containing solids and highly viscous or abrasive media even better. The compact valves are quick to install, easy to clean and offer modular configuration.

Solenoid valve for media

Solenoid valves for media are used to shut off media flows in a wide range of applications. Both liquids and gases can be controlled by opening and closing a valve seat actuated by a solenoid. Depending on the design principle, a basic distinction is made between directly controlled, servo-controlled, and force pilot operated valves.

Process valve units

Festo offers brass and stainless steel process valve units for versatile use in various industry sectors.

Process Valves

Pneumatically actuated media valves are brass pneumatic valves for controlling different liquids and gaseous media.