Electrical connection technology

Electrical connection technology comprises of universal connecting cables and plugs for controllers, motors, valves, valve terminals and sensors.

Pneumatic connection technology

Pneumatic connection technology includes tubing for an extremely wide range of working environments and food-safe, flame retardant, PWIS-free and media-resistant versions.

Pneumatic tubings

Our range of tubing covers every conceivable task. Whether it's for standard requirements or extreme conditions, such as heat, welding spatter, high pH values and resistance to hydrolysis, you can find suitable tubing for every sector.


There is a suitable fitting for every type of tubing. From purely plastic fittings to stainless steel fittings -you can find the optimal fitting for your application cases here.

Compressed air piping

Festo compressed air piping provides optimal flow conditions thanks to smooth inner walls. This piping, therefore, is an alternative to pneumatic tubing.

Push-in fittings for compressed air piping

The push-in fittings CQ are accessories for compressed air piping. These fittings are ideally suited for large diameters.

Compressed air couplings

Quick couplings and safety couplings from Festo allow you to quickly and conveniently supply pneumatic systems with compressed air. Different sizes can be used for various applications. Couplings are traditionally used for pneumatic tools, hall installations and laboratory equipment.

Compressed air distributors

If you want to distribute compressed air to different systems, you should use compressed air distributors from Festo. You can use different types in order to direct the compressed air from one access point to several outputs at the required location.

Protective conduit systems

These are flexible protective conduits used to protect pneumatic tubing and electrical cables on machines and installations. You will also find matching fitting accessories here.

Pneumatic connection technology

Pneumatic connection technology includes pipes, tubing, plugs, couplings, distributors and protective conduit systems.